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Three Ways to Bring Your Business Ahead of the Curve

business technology

The development in technology has made business competition fiercer than ever. If you are not well informed about the latest tech, your competitors will be. Besides, incorporating your company’s system with advanced technology will enable you to make profits with the highest efficiency.

Using the Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage service can save you from expensive server maintenance. In-house data storage used to be a necessity in the past. Today, big tech companies like Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, offer cloud storage service that can act as your company’s data server. Microsoft even integrates its cloud storage with the office products, which means a fast and uninterrupted workflow, and collaboration from anywhere anytime.

Aside from the most well-known products mentioned above, here are some other cloud storage brands that are best-suited for businesses from small to big scale: Carbonite, Acronis, IDrive, Zoolz, Egnyte, and Backblaze. Our team has tested those options, and you do not have to be worried about their quality anymore.

The Automation Programs

The more tasks you can automatize, the faster and more efficient your company’s system is. For instance, contractor companies make most profits when their bets over a project get accepted. They used to make the report of cost estimation manually. Imagine the amount of paperwork and time spent on that task. The worse news was that those excruciating labors had low accuracy.

Today, most contractors make their calculation by using online takeoff software. The system is always up to date with the newest price list of building materials, which makes it accurate, precise, and in real time. If your business is from a different field, you should learn from this example. There has got to be a task with automation option available. Do your entrepreneurship homework, and conduct online research.

Partnering with an Outsource Company

The miracle that information technology has brought to the business world is the possibility for a company to distribute the tasks across the globe. For instance, it has become common knowledge that the technical support, customer service, and sales can be outsourced from abroad.

First, you if your company resides in one of the developed countries, the outsourcing method can afford you cheap labor. Second, partnering with an outsourcing company can save you a considerable amount of time and resource to deal with employee contracts and other HR (Human Relation) stuff. Third, you are free from the necessity to upgrade your company equipment.…

Reasons Why You Need A Data Recovery Plan

working on a hard disk

A data recovery plan is essential for every business. You need to make sure that you have a data recovery plan that will help your business in case of a disaster. Your typical IT system might not be good enough to handle all the disasters that might occur in your business.

A third party data recovery system like draas will help you in getting your data back even after a disaster. Data loss can be very frustrating but knowing that you have a backup is very important. Here are some reasons to get a data recovery plan:

Protection From Hardware Failure

Hardware failure can lead to data loss, and it is essential to know how to deal with it. Your computer hard disk holds data, and it is important to make sure that the data is protected from damage.

The worst thing about hardware failure is the fact that it occurs when you least expect it. If you want to protect your data in case of hardware failure, you will work without any worries. Hardware failure includes hard disk damage and other types of damages to the physical part of the computer.

data storage items

Human Error

Human error is common, and you need to look for a way to solve the mistake once it occurs. Sometimes pressing the wrong key in your computer can lead to data loss. Computers might not be perfect in their job, but imperfect human beings still operate them. A disaster data recovery plan will shield you in case data loss occurs due to human error.

Malicious Damage

Losing data due to malicious damage is possible. There are times when criminals may intentionally delete data on your computers with the intention to harm your business. Malicious data damage can hurt your business, and you need to get back the data as soon as possible.

Criminals understand that loss of data can affect your business and they do it to affect your business. With a good data recovery plan, it is possible to rescue your business.

data recovery key

Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are not uncommon in the modern day. It is important to look for a way to deal with malware attacks because they can lead to data loss.

In case your data has been completely lost after an attack, the date recovery will help you get your data back. You need to understand that most of the time, malware attacks can wipe out everything from your computer.…

A Quick Guide to Purchasing the Best 2-Way Radio

RF Power

RF power is an indicator of the distance the 2-way radio can transmit and the strength of the signal under unfavorable conditions. In many cases, customers use the 2-way radio for distances not more than one mile. Transmitting sound in such a distance requires less than 1-watt power. You might, however, need more power if you are communicating during unfavorable conditions. Buildings, bad terrain and other things between the parties weakens the signal. Depending on the conditions of your communication area, choose the ones with more power for best and clear sounds.


2 way radiosWhen talking of battery, we are looking at the voltage, capacity, and type. The battery is among the top features which define 2-way radios. If the battery is not working well, nothing else on the radio will work as expected. Choose a radio with a rechargeable battery which can be recharged as many times as possible. The higher the number of milliamps per hour, they measure the battery capacity, the longer the battery will last.

Weight and Dimensions

Considering the weight of the radio is very important as well. You need something that can be easily carried around. Well, why do we wear watches and not carry clocks? It is the same reason why you should choose an easily portable 2-way radio. A lightweight, rugged radio will be the best choice. Always consider the battery life and antenna as you choose on weight.


The best 2 way radios should have programmable channels and the more the channels, the better. You will have more frequencies and more options to avoid interfaces from other people using the same frequency. This works best in congested areas. The best 2-way radios have a minimum of 12 programmable channels.

Audio Output

high quality sound 2 way radioThe audio output of the 2-way radio is measured in mW. It should be loud enough to hear what the other person is saying even under a lot of noise. A 500 mW is a good option. To generalize everything, the higher the mW, the better the output.

Put into consideration the above factors when purchasing a 2-way radio. The best qualities are more expensive so be ready to part with good cash for the best quality. In addition to that, look for trusted dealers, they will sell you genuine devices with a warranty.…

Factors to Consider When Buying a Recording Microphone


It is not satisfying only to state that all microphones are made differently. Every company has its unique technology of creating their mic models. For instance, CAD audio has existed for quite some time. The company has been creating models that produce vastly different audio qualities from other technologies. An example of a good microphone is the cad u37 USB studio condenser recording microphone. Its uniqueness makes it a great competitor in the market. Understanding various types of mics and their common features can help you in purchasing a quality mic that will earn you a lot as a producer or musician. Continue reading for you to make the right decision when looking for a recording mic in future.


Frequency Response

Frequency response is a key factor whenever you are looking for studio microphone. Microphone frequency response is the range of frequencies. These frequencies range from highest to the lowest. The microphone frequencies are measured in Hertz. For instance, buying an 80 HZ to 15 kHz microphone would mean that you want it for professional vocal recordings. If you are recording snares and toms from the drum set, ensure you look for a 50 Hz mic. For bass making, you should go for those that have below 50Hz.

Proximity Effect

Proximity effect is a very critical microphone characteristic that is overlooked by most online buyers. Proximity effect makes all bass frequencies clear and profound for easier mixing and mastering. Singers should make sure they have a mic possessing this characteristic for better vocal. As a producer, you can choose a mic that has a strong proximity effect. This will help you to make a clear sound when recording. In general, all condenser microphones can produce a more proximity effect compared to dynamic microphones.


Mics vary in Polar Patterning. Every mic set or model specialized in different recording tasks. Each microphone’s directionality helps to dictate how it receives sound from the sources. Some mics can pick up sounds from either direction at the same time while others can only pick up from one direction at a given time. As we have mentioned above, no polar patterning is disadvantageous because every mic has its specialization.



Impendence is measured in ohms. Impendence dictates the microphone’s receptive ability to the AC current and audio signals. Lower impedance mics have the ohms figure below 600Ω. However, these mics are best when retaining audio quality through cables that are longer than 10 feet. High impedance can mean that other components are of lower quality.


Last but not least, look at the mic’s attenuation switch. You might be wondering what the work of the switches on the mic is. But they play a big role in the recording of clear and more pronounced sound through adjustment. An attenuation switch regulates the output level of a given mic.…