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How to Safeguard Your Data When Selling Your Old imac

imac macbook

Selling your old imac can help you in getting some money when planning for an upgrade. Apple devices have a long lifespan, and they tend to hold their value even when they are old. Many people have been recouping some of their investments by reselling their second-hand devices. Many reliable sites can assist you in getting the best price when reselling your used Apple device. You can sell your used Apple devices on the available online platforms or directly to buyers.  You can sell imac and protect your data by following the tips outlined in this article.

Backing Up Your Data

data backup-storage devices

Individuals who are planning to migrate to new Apple devices are advised to back up their data. They can do this by using Time machine. This is the safest and easiest way of protecting one’s data. The Apple Company has inbuilt settings that can assist you in creating records of important documents and files. This data can be retrieved and restored easily when migrating to other devices.

You can make use of this tool or software by plugging your external hard drive and then launching it. It has a backup option that can assist you in saving your files including Photos library, iTunes files, and other apps. However, it is hard to back up the system files and some apps that have been installed. These can be stored by using another advanced backup apps such as SuperDuper or Carbon Copy.

Formatting and Reinstalling MacOS

This involves wiping the drive and reinstalling the OS when you have a complete backup. It is easily done via the recovery option of a Macbook, but it might take a long time depending on the internet’s speed. The reinstallation process should immediately start once you have erased the hard drive. You can download the installation files by making sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Cleaning It Up

cleanup your imac

Cleaning up your Apple devices will affect your asking price especially when selling them to buyers either online or in person. It is advisable to clean the machine thoroughly before using it to take photos for a classified listing or online auction. This is done by first wiping it with a damping cloth.

Selling It

There are two avenues for selling an apple device. You can find a company that buys such products or sell them directly to potential buyers. You can get the best deal by selling your product directly to buyers.…

A Quick Guide to Purchasing the Best 2-Way Radio

RF Power

RF power is an indicator of the distance the 2-way radio can transmit and the strength of the signal under unfavorable conditions. In many cases, customers use the 2-way radio for distances not more than one mile. Transmitting sound in such a distance requires less than 1-watt power. You might, however, need more power if you are communicating during unfavorable conditions. Buildings, bad terrain and other things between the parties weakens the signal. Depending on the conditions of your communication area, choose the ones with more power for best and clear sounds.


2 way radiosWhen talking of battery, we are looking at the voltage, capacity, and type. The battery is among the top features which define 2-way radios. If the battery is not working well, nothing else on the radio will work as expected. Choose a radio with a rechargeable battery which can be recharged as many times as possible. The higher the number of milliamps per hour, they measure the battery capacity, the longer the battery will last.

Weight and Dimensions

Considering the weight of the radio is very important as well. You need something that can be easily carried around. Well, why do we wear watches and not carry clocks? It is the same reason why you should choose an easily portable 2-way radio. A lightweight, rugged radio will be the best choice. Always consider the battery life and antenna as you choose on weight.


The best 2 way radios should have programmable channels and the more the channels, the better. You will have more frequencies and more options to avoid interfaces from other people using the same frequency. This works best in congested areas. The best 2-way radios have a minimum of 12 programmable channels.

Audio Output

high quality sound 2 way radioThe audio output of the 2-way radio is measured in mW. It should be loud enough to hear what the other person is saying even under a lot of noise. A 500 mW is a good option. To generalize everything, the higher the mW, the better the output.

Put into consideration the above factors when purchasing a 2-way radio. The best qualities are more expensive so be ready to part with good cash for the best quality. In addition to that, look for trusted dealers, they will sell you genuine devices with a warranty.…