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In today’s generation, the internet has become a significant factor because almost all activities are conducted over the internet. From business, shopping, dating, paying bills, school and much more, the internet is useful in one way or another. It is also easy to communicate and socialize with individuals all over the world thanks to the internet. Due to these benefits, some individuals may take advantage of the activities and much more. When the actions increase and the computer system has been there for a while, then the computer may slow down. This article shows why a computer may slow down and the possible solutions.

Reasons why your PC may be running slow

System errors

There are times when system errors may occur, but you will not notice it because the computer will quickly fix the issue. This may recur but to avoid it, it is advisable to have the drives regularly changed and maintained. The built-in Check Disk tool in the computer can be used to determine whether the computer has experienced system errors in the cases where you were not notified. The Check Disk will scan the drives and fix the threats and problems.

Unnecessary startup programs

Computers have numerous applications that run whenever they are switched on. While some of them are essential, some are not useful once the system is on. These programs may disrupt the speed of the computer and its performance as they run. The best way to go about it is by customizing the startup system so that you can get rid of the systems. You can get rid of the unnecessary programs running by using MSCONFIG.

Unwanted or Junk files

This is a major cause of the system running slow as compared to when it was new. Keeping some documents that are no longer needed will not only make your computer slow, but they will also waste the space of your hard drive. It is therefore advisable to go through the files regularly to delete the files that are no longer valuable. This will free the space in the computer thus making it function efficiently. You will now be able to access the data you need faster and in a responsive manner.


Malicious programs may affect the PC. For instance, viral infections and Trojans may affect the speed of the computer and ultimately affect its performance. To avoid this, have anti-virus software to protect your PC from such attacks.